IBP Automation Ltd sells, and services industrial automation spares Telemecanique, electronic, energy, pneumatic, motion, hydraulic, robotics, instrumentation, and electrical control equipment for several manufacturing areas.

Telemecanique, now Schneider Electric, is a market leader and global expert in providing products and services for industrial control and automation. It provides complete solutions with a range of components including programmable logic controllers, variable speed drives and communications software. In addition, it offers power distribution through prefabricated busbar trunking.

The Telemecanique, the brand is today developing automation products and systems in detection, man-machine dialogue and process supervision. For industry the brand is intended for machine builders, operators, fitters and instrument panel operators. The brand supplies them with excellent performance and productivity along with first class customer service and support.

Stay ahead of the competition with our TeSys portfolio. Complete solutions such as the TeSys GV4 combine the simplicity of standard circuit breakers with the advanced protection of intelligent digital solutions.

Digital Transformation

There are many areas where you can gain a competitive advantage by using solutions enabled by IoT/IIoT — from intelligent manufacturing and logistics to value chain efficiency.

Scalable IT Infrastructure

The digital transformation is impacting the automotive enterprise of today and tomorrow. An agile, flexible IT Infrastructure strategy is critical for success.

Evolution of Mobility

Find the right infrastructure for your needs, from enabling electrification strategies to smart retail or digital dealerships, with our expertise.

At Telemecanique, our products and solutions cover the breadth of the industrial, infrastructure and building sectors, including everything from simple machines to complex process systems. As such, we offer a number of contactor relays and protection relays. Our range of contactors also includes reversing contactors. For example, the TeSys D is available as a reversing or non-reversing contactor. In addition to this, the TeSys B is a bar contactor up to 900 kW, while the TeSys K contactors form a complete range of reversing or non-reversing contactors, from 0.06 kW to 5.5 kW / 4 pole relays. As well as these great contactors, our range includes motor management systems, thermistor protection units and modular contactors, such as the TeSys GC & GY DIN rail mounting contactors. Our range of contactor relays includes a number of different options for a number of different needs, with electric over current relays, electric thermal overload relays and thermal overload relays all available.

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