The Company

IBP Automation Ltd, exists because of its customers. With the latest technology, industry expertise and quality solutions, we have the tools to best understand our customer requirements.
At IBP, we believe in ‘people doing business with people.’ We have developed and continue to grow a direct sales team to build customer connections, enhance our customer understanding and drive market penetration.
We understand all facets of our business and industry, read the trends in technology and customer needs, recognize the diversity of our markets, spot opportunities, innovate, make quality decisions and think big!.

Our people

We act on all occasions with integrity – with our customers, suppliers, and people in our everyday transactions. We are always ready to engage and provide ideas/insights in a positive and constructive manner.

Our Services

We are rigorous in our approach, swift in actions and always achieve success through a meeting or exceeding objectives and delivering to expectations with excellent communication and a ‘no surprise culture’.

Our values

We care about people and encourage our leaders to engage and motivate their teams and develop ‘esprit de corps’. We foster a stimulating environment by being approachable, leveraging interpersonal skills and growing our talent.

Our Business

We are proud of selling innovative, high quality and efficient products/solutions by understanding our customers’ operations and needs and strive to grow our market share.