Mitsubishi Electric Automation.

Technological progress is the motor of change in modern life. For over 90 years Mitsubishi Electric has been contributing to this process with state-of-the art technology, innovation and high-quality products.

In this section you can learn more about an international company that is committed to the ongoing improvement of technology solutions – for more progress and more quality of life – in keeping with our motto Changes for the Better.

Total system performance instead of individual component specifications leads to maximum performance.

Servo system controllers are control devices that achieve high speed and high accuracy drive control for each industrial machine.
Various Motion controllers, Simple Motion modules (Positioning modules) are lined up. A suitable module can be selected for the system requested.

Mitsubishi Electric offers a variety of Servo and Motion system products providing solutions for applications as simple as a single axis point-to-point system through to fully synchronised 192 axis systems.

With both standard pulse type output modules and SSCNET bus modules specific application needs are easy to meet.

Our MR-J4 Series of Servo motors and amplifiers take Mitsubishi Motion Control to new levels of precision with a wide range of motors (all fitted with a standard 4.194.304 absolute encoder) and wide amplifier range (up to 110kW).

All Mitsubishi Servo and Motion system hardware is complemented by a range of software packages allowing easy programming and set-up of the units.

Rugged soft starters – when reliable, safe starting and stoping of your machines is needed

  • – Longer motor and equipment life by mechanical shock elimination
  • – Minimises costs by reducing overall electrical power requirements and wear-and-tear on your assets
  • – Effortlessly integrated, for higher productivity and shorter downtimes in many industry applications
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Mitsubishi Inverter; Rated Power: 15kW; 3×380-500V;In max: 31A;(15kW; 31A);IP20

Mitsubishi 1A-GHCD

Mitsubishi Robot option Spiral connector cable for electric and pneumatic hand

Mitsubishi 1A-GR200-RP

Mitsubishi Robot option Hand signal output cable

Mitsubishi 1A-HC20

Mitsubishi Robot option Hand input cable 200 mm

Mitsubishi 1A-HP01E

Mitsubishi Robot option Pneumatic replacement hand

Mitsubishi 1A-VD01E-RP

Mitsubishi Robot Pneumatic single valve set incl. noise-inferior

Mitsubishi 1A-VD02E-RP

Mitsubishi Robot Pneumatic double valve set incl. noise-inferior

Mitsubishi 1A-VD03E-RP

Mitsubishi Robot Pneumatic triple valve set incl. noise-inferior

Mitsubishi 1A-VD04E-RP

Mitsubishi Robot Pneumatic quadruple valve set incl. noise-inferior