ABB Industrial Spare Parts.

IBP Automation as an ABB Industrial Spare Parts Supplier Worldwide Offering Different Kind of ABB Products with Best Delivery Time and Conditions is a well-known player in the industrial parts market.

We are a leading supplier of ABB industrial spare parts worldwide. Our company has established a reputation for providing the best delivery time and conditions to our clients. Our mission is to help our clients find the right ABB products to meet their needs while offering the best prices.


ABB offers a range of industrial robots that are designed to automate various manufacturing processes. These robots can be used for tasks such as material handling, assembly, painting, welding, and inspection.

Motion Control:

ABB’s motion control products include servo drives, motors, and controllers that are used to control the movement of industrial machinery. These products are designed to improve precision, speed, and accuracy in manufacturing processes.

Industrial Sensors:

ABB offers a range of industrial sensors that are used to measure various physical parameters such as temperature, pressure, and vibration. These sensors provide data that can be used to optimize manufacturing processes and reduce downtime.

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs):

ABB’s PLCs are designed to control industrial processes and automate machinery. They provide real-time monitoring and control of industrial processes, and can be used in a variety of applications, including automotive manufacturing, food and beverage processing, and pharmaceutical production.

Industrial Ethernet:

ABB’s industrial Ethernet products provide reliable and high-speed communication between industrial devices and systems. This enables data to be shared between different parts of the manufacturing process, improving efficiency and productivity.

Drives and Motors:

ABB’s drives and motors are used to power and control industrial machinery. They provide efficient and reliable power transmission, and can be used in a variety of applications, including pumps, fans, compressors, and conveyors.

Control Panels:

ABB’s control panels are designed to provide centralized control and monitoring of industrial processes. They can be customized to meet specific requirements, and can be used in a range of applications, including power generation, oil and gas, and marine.

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ABB COMMUNICATION PROCESSOR - RS232. GJR5240400R0202 Communication Processor  - RS232, 2 channels, freely definable message structure and protocol.


1SBH141001R8931 1SBH141001R8931 N31E 115V 50/60Hz Contactor Relay Contactors A Small (Frctl). ABB N… contactor relays are used for switching auxiliary


ABB 1SBL176501R2200   Extended Product Type: AF16Z-22-00-22 Product ID: 1SBL176501R2200 EAN: 3471523116726 Catalog Description: AF16Z-22-00-22 48-130V50/60HZ-DC Contactor Long Description: AF16Z


ABB 1SBL283061R6910 TAL30-30-10 67-121V DC Contactor Contactors A Small (Frctl)


1SDA075300R1   ABB 1SDA075300R1 XT4V 250 TMA 100 500..1000 3p F F UL/CSA General Information Extended Product Type: ABB XT4V


1VCR014629802   1VCR014629802 General Information Product ID: ABB 1VCR014629802 ABB Type Designation: Certification Level 1 Catalog Description: MAIN BOARD 6


3AXD50000182992 3AXD50000182992  ABB  ZCU-14 PACKED SP; CONTROL UNIT.   Product ID: 3AXD50000182992 ABB Type Designation: ZCU-14 PACKED SP Catalog Description:


3BSE018135R1 3BSE018135R1 ABB CI858K01 DriveBus Interface General Information Product ID: 3BSE018135R1 ABB Type Designation: CI858K01 Catalog Description: CI858K01 DriveBus Interface

ABB 000828916

ABB CARTRIDGE FUSE 5X20 3,15A TermBlock (Access)all types

ABB 000829013

ABB CARTRIDGE FUSE 5X20 1A TermBlock (Access)all types

ABB 000829100

ABB CARTRIDGE FUSE 5X20 2A TermBlock (Access)all types

ABB 000829201

ABB CARTRIDGE FUSE 5X20 5A TermBlock (Access)all types

ABB 001400613

ABB SOCKET CPE 16-9V TermBlock (Access)all types

ABB 001400825

ABB SOCKET CPE 16-3H TermBlock (Access)all types

ABB 001920910

ABB TAP OUPTA TOOL TermBlock (Access)all types

ABB 001921121

ABB FX1 TAP TermBlock (Access)all types

ABB 001925810

ABB SUB D E07 TermBlock (Access)all types

ABB 002162512

ABB FA300/SLCRT25B/OMN20/100 PLC Wiring System

ABB 002616926

ABB (INT)LA200/UNI/OMN12 PLC Wiring System

ABB 002817526


ABB 003180926

ABB 5VDC 58VDC/100MaOUT W/LED PLC Wiring System

ABB 003602503

ABB FA200/SLC RT25G/OMN20/485 Interface Relays & Opt Couplers

ABB 0043-1-2571

ABB Future Shaver socket insert Alpha Bs