IBP Automation Ltd sells, and services industrial automation spares Schneider Electric, electronic, energy, pneumatic, motion, hydraulic, robotics, instrumentation, and electrical control equipment for several manufacturing areas.

IBP Automation Ltd is specialized to supply obsoletes and current line parts  such as, PLCs, HMIs, Sensors, Drives, Safety Products, Circuit Breakers, Encoders, Servo, Circuit Protection & Circuit Breakers, Contactors, Control Relays, Electric Motors, Motor Controllers & Peripherals, Engineering Services, Fluid Control System, Industrial Push Buttons, Pilot Lights & Control Stations, Industrial Switches, Piston pumps, Valves and Electro-valves, Filters, Manifolds and hydraulic cylinders, Pumps, Motors, Cylinders.

Stay ahead of the competition with our TeSys portfolio. Complete solutions such as the TeSys GV4 combine the simplicity of standard circuit breakers with the advanced protection of intelligent digital solutions.


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29713   29713 Schneider Electric  NS100L fixed front 3P/3R TM40D   Main 29713 range of product Compact NS100…630 product or


ATV630D45N4   ATV630D45N4 Schneider Electric Variable speed drive , Altivar Process ATV600, ATV630, 45kW/60 hp, 380…480 V, IP21/UL type 1


ATV71HC11N4 Schneider Electric ATV71HC11N4, variable speed drive ATV71 – 110kW-150HP – 480V – EMC filter-graphic terminal ATV71HC11N4 Schneider Electric  Main


BMXCP3500 Schneider Electric  Power supply module X80 – 100..240 V AC – 36 W


BMXDDI3202K Schneider Electric  Discrete input module X80 – 32 inputs – 24 V DC positive

Schneider 110XCA28201

Schneider Cable, Programming RS232, 1m (needs adaptor 110XCA20300)

Schneider 110XCA28202

Schneider Cable, Programming RS232, 3m (needs adaptor 110XCA20300)

Schneider 110XCA28203

Schneider Cable, Programming RS232, 6m (needs adaptor 110XCA20300)