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IBP Automation Ltd sells, and services Omron industrial automation spares, electronic, energy, pneumatic, motion, hydraulic, robotics, instrumentation, and electrical control equipment for several manufacturing areas.

IBP Automation Ltd is specialized to supply obsoletes and actives spare parts such as, PLCs, HMIs, Sensors, Drives, Safety Products, Circuit Breakers, Encoders, Servo, Circuit Protection & Circuit Breakers, Contactors, Control Relays, Electric Motors, Motor Controllers & Peripherals, Engineering Services, Fluid Control System, Industrial Push Buttons, Pilot Lights & Control Stations, Industrial Switches, Piston pumps, Valves and Electro-valves, Filters, Manifolds and hydraulic cylinders, Pumps, Motors, Cylinders.

Industrial Automation is a leading manufacturer of technologically advanced industrial automation products and application expertise. Omron Industrial Automation is dedicated to providing unrivaled automation products and customised expert solutions for any industry. The product portfolio includes Factory Automation, Sensors and Safety, Mechatronics and Drives, Industrial Components and Vision Systems.

In today’s highly competitive and cost-conscience manufacturing environment, balancing quality and speed through automation is the key to success. Omron Inspection Systems (ISD) will aid in meeting the ever-increasing demand for driving down costs while maintaining the highest quality possible.

With the technology and knowledge to build components for virtually every electronic application, Omron Electronic Components uses leading-edge product design and its huge selection of high-quality products to provide a truly tailor-made components service to customers throughout Europe: Relays, Switches, Connectors, Sensors.

Industrial robots provide a safe, flexible and hygienic solution for an extensive range of handling projects.

Robotics in almost all walks of life are becoming a familiar aspect of society. From mundane applications to the leading edge and bizarre, robotics is taking it’s place in our lives. In manufacturing though, some sectors such as the Food & Beverage, are yet to fully realise the numerous advantages that have been proven in other sectors such as automotive. Productivity, efficiency, hygiene, reduced space and safety can all be dramatically improved by the correct adoption of robotic solutions.

Robotics in a food production line

Take a traditional food production line, and you’ll find numerous areas that can benefit from robotics. In the primary or raw handling, the selection, orientation and placement are easily achieved and in the secondary area, placement of packs in the specific and optimised patterns is proven. All carried out fast, accurately and efficiently.

Robotic solutions: from SCARA to articulated robots

Dependent upon the project criteria, including payload, throughput and environment, numerous robotic solutions can be deployed. Parallel or Delta robots are best suited for the faster, lower payload applications, whereas SCARA is ideal for slightly slower but higher payload projects. Lastly, articulated or six axes robots are used where greater dexterity or higher payloads are required.

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Mitsubishi AL-05SWLS

Mitsubishi Alarm switch.1 CO, Terminal block, NF/DSN 32AF and 63AF

Mitsubishi ALAX-05SWLS

Mitsubishi Alarm – Aux switch.1 CO + 1 CO, Terminal block, NF/DSN 32AF, 63AF

Mitsubishi AX-05SWLS

Mitsubishi Auxiliary switch. 1 CO, Terminal block, NF/DSN 32AF and 63AF

Mitsubishi AX2-05SWLS

Mitsubishi Auxiliary switch. 2 CO, Terminal block, NF/DSN 32AF and 63AF

Mitsubishi FFR-CS-050-14A-RF1-LL

Mitsubishi Radio Noise Filter for FR-D720S-008 to 042; FR-E720S-008 to 030SC; C1 10m

Mitsubishi FFR-CS-080-20A-RF1-LL

Mitsubishi Radio Noise Filter for FR-D720S-070; FR-E720S-050/080SC; C1 10m

Mitsubishi FFR-CS-110-26A-RF1-LL

Mitsubishi Radio Noise Filter for FR-D720S-100; FR-E720S-110SC; C1 10m

Mitsubishi FFR-CSH-036-8A-RF1-LL

Mitsubishi Radio Noise Filter for FR-D740-012/022/036; C1 10m

Mitsubishi FFR-CSH-080-16A-RF1-LL

Mitsubishi Radio Noise Filter for FR-D740-050/080; C1 10m

Mitsubishi FFR-HEL-0.4K-E

Mitsubishi DC Link choke for 200V Inverter; 0,4kW; 17mH; 2,1A

Mitsubishi FFR-HEL-0.75K-E

Mitsubishi DC Link choke for 200V Inverter; 0,75kW; 9,7mH; 3,6A

Mitsubishi FFR-HEL-1.5K-E

Mitsubishi DC Link choke for 200V Inverter; 1,5kW; 4,3mH; 7,3A